Perfect Mitered Corner: A Quilt Story

Did you hear me scream?  A scream of joy when I cut the thread and pulled this quilt top off the sewing machine to see this perfect mitered corner.  I almost choked on my scream of joy!  And the other three corners were just as nice.  Some fabric designs just demand to be mitered and this black and cream stripe was one of them. 

This quilt block is from Dianne Springer's Scrap-O-Lator Quilts and More. Like Dianne, this book is such fun.  Dianne just has a way with words and descriptions....the proof is in the pudding:  aka known as Threads from my Head.

My lap quilt varies somewhat from Dianne's design:  I put the red corner stones in between the center blocks to give the eye some relief from the stripe.

Just pull your scraps and start sewing.  I used a fabric foundation to keep things on the straight and narrow.   The finished scrap block measures 6" x 11".  Then I added my hand dyed borders to each scrap block.  

 My design wall is just too small to get the entire quilt pictured.  However, I'm not complaining.  There was a time when I had no design wall!    This one measures 58" x 66".  Now, it's off the wall and into the hands of one of my favorite long arm quilters. 

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  1. Beautiful quilt and FABULOUS corners. Any tips on those corners for those of us lacking ur skill and talent?


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