The outage didn't include lunch!

Entergy Company called the other day to tell us they were planning an outage for us.  It was to start on Monday morning and last for several hours.  They gave us no more specifics than that but we knew the outage wasn't going to include a picnic lunch!  But being good spirited as we often are, the HuMAn and I decided to make the most of this planned outage and head out this morning. 

Sure enough, the lights went out around 7:30 this morning, so out the back door I headed....and the HuMaN decided he would  scratch off the items we needed from Walmart and gather the fixings for dinner tonight.  I was okay with that....I would rather be here than there.

I watched the Entergy guys work out on the high lines and knew we were still out inside the house, so on I worked, snipping the high growth and pulling weeds until I realized the meaning of the Paul Simon song, 'the nearer your destination you are, you are slip sliding away.'  About midway through the azalea hedge row, my back began to ache, but I kept snipping and sure enough,  my desire to finish kept sliding away.....and I kept snipping, but desire kept sliding away the nearer the end of the hedge row I got, the more my desire to finish slid away.  

Just about the time my desire had completely slid away, hallelujah, the lights came back on.  About that same time the HuMAn pulled into the driveway, forcing me to perk up enough to finish the job since I really, really didn't want to put groceries away.    I love it when things go as planned!

and just for fun.......a couple of my face sketches

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