Just a sneak peak ~

of what I do on rainy days!
Converging Corners
I started with my square....any size will do, from 2" up to 5" would be a good start using Malka Dubrawsky's hand dyed fabric and a little off the shelf fabric I had in my scrap pile. 
Followed  FITF instructions.....that's short for Film In The Fridge, who has a great sewalong blog post on how to start to finish a converging corners quilt block to set in a most delightful quilt layout,
 in courthouse steps fashion, I sewed the white sashing around my Malka D.....square to complete round #1. 
And that is the end of that sentence.  Did I get a little long-winded?  And is my punctuation correct? 
Don't EVEN answer those questions! 
Round #2 and 3: 
Finished one! 
finished another converging corners block...on a roll now! 
 They will all be trimmed to
 12 1/2" square.

Beginning of block 3....of 20!

You'll need to skip on over to Film In The Fridge to see the converging corners layout. 
 And I'll continue to sew. 


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