The Echinacea and I had a session:

Just before I trashed the deceased bouquet, I invited a few of the stems to allow me a photography session.  They reluctantly agreed.
My original picture taken with a Canon PowerShot SX30...not the photographer's dream, but certainly my work horse.  Set on manual, ISO 400.  
 And following are alterations using Photoshop Elements 7.  What fun I had duplicating, cloning, erasing, moving, texturizing,  saving: 
the morning. 

I used the clone stamp to even out the background and erase the shadows created during the photography session with the Echinacea purpura....
more commonly called purple coneflowers. 

With a Kim Klassen texture "Water Stained Frame"  (I think)....doesn't matter, all of her textures are just
works of art and a delightful addition to a photo.  

With Kim Klassen's  texture "Take Heart"
Using Photoshop shortcuts,
Control J to duplicate. 
Control T to free transform (move) to create the background coneflower shadow effect. 

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  1. Don't know why the models were so reluctant to be photographed ... the session worked out well for them!

    Judy B


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