I was just about to go sit on the back porch:

......when Mira of Crisp PhotoWorks posted about how to make your own faux macro shot even if you don't have a macro lens (which I don't).   Of course, it's not really a macro image as in Lisa Gordon's macros, but they can be a good not bad for the first time likeness.

Here's mine:

The original picture of Hannah's fabric bundles: 

I had to do a bit of adjusting from Mira's instructions since I have PSE.....no lens blur filter.  But using the Gaussian blur reved up to high, I was able to accomplish just about the same thing as Mira suggested.  And, just think of the money I've just saved on a new camera/lens.  More fabric....YES!

And now I can go sit on the porch and enjoy the rest of my Friday afternoon.  Hope your weekend is filled with good things.


PS:   Amended the post to let you know that I just realized it's Thursday!!!!!!!!!   I have another day
         to sew before the weekend activities are upon me! 

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