Happy Easter Sunday

Our summers are so hot, these little Dianthus (pinks) will fizzle in a few weeks. But, as long as the nights are still cool, they'll continue to give me pleasure.

And, wouldn't it be wonderful to have these Iris linger a bit longer. These are a couple of pictures I took while visiting our local herb farm Thyme In The Garden. It's a bit out of the way for me, but well worth the drive. Teresa was serving lunch to a group of ladies that day, so I did not linger as long as usual. Oh well, another road trip.

Thanks Jan for the links within widget. The more I learn, the smarter I get. Now, if I could get some mastery of photoshop elements. Spent yesterday afternoon printing out instructions...yes, help did come with the program, so I thought I might begin take advantage of it!!! Double duh!!

Have already gotten my before church greeting from dear sister. Love our early morning get togethers. She almost rousted me out of bed this morning....I was having a delightful snooze in this morning so had just gotten my first cuppa when the phone rang. Yellow cat just waited patiently outside the porch door. He knew the phone call was finished when he stopped hearing me giggle. Aren't sisters fun...

Have a happy Easter day.

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