They all came for portraits

My outside kitty kats really aren't my kitty kats! But, I don't have the heart to tell them. I'm sure they have loving parents somewhere. They appear to be happy and healthy. So, why do I feel compelled to give them names and keep a snack and fresh drink ready when they are and hang their pictures in my blog? The only answer I can come up with.....because it makes me happy. (Oh yes, it's all about ME) Where have I heard this before????

And, as I have mentioned before, I don't know their birth names and not really wanting to confuse them, or create dual personalities, I just call them yellow cat and cat-that-licks-my-toes and cat-that-runs-away-from-me. I can't prove it, but they probably aren't Native American, but they respond to these Native American names.

They must have gotten together Saturday night 'cause they all came up yesterday for the picture taking session. All at different times....they wanted to make sure each one had plenty of time to wash their faces and comb their hair and pose prettily (or handsomely)...We still aren't sure of gender!

Yellow cat arrived first...He, (I say this with authority) actually waits very patiently for me every morning for his first snack of the day.

Snack bowl and empty (?) bird house

Then later in the was Sunday - a sleep in day. Cat-that-runs-away-from-me wandered up.

YES, I have made great progress, I now get to rub his/her chin. No, we still haven't had the sex discussion!

And finally, just about tea time, up wanders cat-that-licks-my-toes.

Just made my day...what a giggle!

It's still early morning but my memories are already beginning....



  1. good morning Marty, thanks for coming to my blog today and leaving a comment. Much appreciated. Your Native American Cats are all great personalities...I am sure my Henry V would enjoy their company.

    I enjoyed your hat lady drawings on the side bar here.

  2. Hi Marty, thanks for coming to my blog, too:) thanks for giving me the opportunity to discover your art, words and outside cats (they sure so beautiful)

    Have a great day
    (love the ladies in the side bar!:)

  3. Thanks to you, Lynn and Andrea, for sharing yourself with me. Animals and art and a few kind words...what else would a girl want....May your day be filled with sunshine

  4. Isn't it funny that your outside cats are all yellow cats of some sort? I wonder if there's some sort of conspiracy (of the friendly sort) going on in your neighborhood?

    And cat-that-licks-my-toes is too cute! But they're all rather striking, aren't they?

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. My dear are so observant. Like you, I think those genes are being passed down from generation to generation!! How lucky can I get, having such considerate neighbors??? But, I would rather they be in my least I can watch over their little selves so they don't come to harm.


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