More Purses the all clear on my mammogram and ultra-sound and feeling pretty flattened (when I should be smiling). I groaned and ouched all through the ordeal and all the sweet?? lady could say was "sorry". I know it wasn't her fault. Well, anyway, I'll put that behind me for another year. I generally know I'm okay, but it is always a sigh of relief when I hear the all clear news.

Changing the subject - completely

I have used several purse patterns from this great little book...Bags With Style. It was published in 2004, but I think the styles are timeless.

"Espresso" was so easy and allowed me to use scrap strips left over from quilting projects. The how-to was found on page 72-74. Finishes out at 8" x 11". Hope to get this one in Etsy shop soon.

This purse was made from two designs: pages 55 and 121. I liked the larger size with the animal stripes going horizontal.

Another book I like is "Hip Handbags" by Valerie Shrader.
Here is a tote - pattern page 67

And another one, using "Purses and Paisley" fabric designed by Design Trends. A natural for this little purse. Again, combining pieces/parts of patterns from one or more of these books.

Looking forward to the weekend....May make another purse, or art quilt, or maybe nothing at all. Til Later....Marty

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