I've been featured...and oh what a thrill

Does vanity keep one out of heaven? I can't help but be just a little smug this afternoon. Judy, glorious Judy, featured me. Apron Strings ...and other ties that bind. THE BEST READ. Judy shares her life with us. As you read along, you can just feel her need to give herself to others in a most inspiring way. Her space is one of my first reads each morning as I have my first cuppa.

Dearest and I got so much yard work done today. The weather cooperated beautifully. One of my flowering crab apple trees didn't make it through the winter. Every time I went to visit, it was either sneezing, wheezing, coughing or had a temperature. Sadly, we buried it this week and in its place planted a sweet olive tree. If congestion sets in with this one, we'll just have to re-think the soil, the drainage, too much water, too little water, more sun, less shade? I've hardly had a winter and it's spring already!

Party cloudy? Mostly sunny? I think I had a mostly sunny day...how about you?

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  1. Congrats on being featured!! Judy is one of my "must reads", too.

    Sorry about your tree, but hope the new one works well for you.


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