Bunny Trails....

I just added to "my favorite places to shop." How about this site - Bunny Hills - WOW, what great patterns and products. Hey, it's bunny week and they are loving all of their bunny tales oops...tails. And Resweater found me.....am I not the lucky one. I love to recycle and re-purpose what I have on hand. Great ideas and great links to other shops...spreading the good cheer...good job Resweater.

Had lunch with friends last week. Haven't seen Mary in quite some time...she is grandmother of preemie twins (among others) and has been getting to know the little ones for the past several months. But, she is back home now catching up on quilting and friendships. And, she brought me this little snippet of selvage. Can't wait to incorporate this into an art quilt. Just in case my picture is blurred (it is, I took it) in bright red is printed - "Warning: All violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law." I think this would be very fitting for one of my thread painted "Pretty Ladies in Smart Hats"- one with reddest red lipstick. OK, now there's your preview. Stay tuned, it's coming to a blog near you real soon.

AND, would you believe, I'm still celebrating my birthday. What a fun little watch I received from my favorite niece (I only have five favorite nieces) yesterday. She has my personality figured down to the T. My family has laughed at my red lipstick for years. We were all together several years ago and going through photo albums, it was discovered that in every picture, I ALWAYS had on bright red (sometimes orange) lipstick. I guess I reserved the orange for spring. So, the red watch pretty much matches most things I wear. Thanks Cortney, you are the greatest.
Oh, yes, Cortney, Uncle dearest thanks you too. He just knows you intended him to have the little book light. I haven't seen it since the birthday box full of goodies arrived. So, his birthday isn't until October, but you are so sweet to remember him on his upcoming birthday!!

Oh yes, as to all these blurred pictures, dearest bought a new camera this week. Now, he has his....and he says I have mine. dear, dear how am I going to manage without him taking control of my camera?

Now, I must get out of jammies and into street clothes....heading to the herb farm today. We have the most delightful place, Thyme In The Garden, to stroll, touch, pinch and purchase. I need basil. Since the chance of frost has gone, I feel safe in investing. Nothing better than fresh pesto. Also need more chives and maybe more fennel - butterflies love the bronze fennel.

Hugs and more catch - up blogging later.


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