Fabric, fabric and more fabric

Okay, okay, I've been busy. Monday was a shopping day. Just really fell for all these lolly pop colors. I mentioned to dearest that I needed to run these through the rinse and dryer since they were so cheap. He took exception to the use of "cheap" in this instance after looking at my credit card transaction. Well!!! they were on sale!! That's pretty darn cheap in comparison.

Got a couple of yards of the citrus green with pink stripe. I almost always cut my bindings on the bias and a stripe gives a great look. These colors just lend themselves to finishing several doll quilts I have made, so I made up enough to bind all 6 little works in progress.

I'll be dreaming about lolly pop fabric all night long.

Lots more to say but must run to finish supper prep. I went by Heavenly Ham the other day and picked up a ham bone....so, we are having red beans (seasoned w/previously mentioned ham bone) and rice tonight. Corn bread too.

Sweet dreams til morning.


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