And Great Progress Was Made

What a fun Saturday....dearest has been smoking a brisket all afternoon...yumm and I made cole slaw. The baked beans are still in the oven on slow cook. So I can wind down.

Much yard work done. Granted, he did the most...but we work great as a team (of two) out there. We don't get into deep conversation, but it is nice to know he's there, should I have something to say. Silence can be golden in the garden...perfect place to reflect and meditate and say a prayer.

Did get some pictures taken to follow up on earlier posting. Here are the two fabrics I received from JCaroline Creative. Wonderful...heavyweight...54" wide. Perfect patterns for spring. Nice and generous yardage for any size purse or tote. No, still haven't found the pattern...I'll keep looking OR find another one to use. Can't get bogged down now.

And the blocks for my stamps. Can't wait to see how these will work. So far, much cheaper than the store bought ones...and, I can make my own design. We'll see.

And, Kathy's Fancy Stitching inquired about an's one of the little cuties stitched on fabric, which was stitched onto fabric, which was stitched on to card stock to complete a note card. I like to make the 1/2 page ones. Just the right size for "just a note"....And there are envelopes made exactly the right size. You'll have to click to enlarge to see the flower stitched into the inchie. Not a real big deal, just fun sometimes to make something different....lightens my load to frolic.

And finally for the day...some snaps of my newest best friend. I have spoken at times about paying too much for the squirrel proof bird feeder. Now the poor birds must share with another hungry critter. I have no clue how he gets up there! Not going to ask either.

He wanders up late each afternoon and enjoys the slim pickings the birds (and squirrels) left for him. After the snack, he trolls on to the bird bath for a cool down...

Then he says goodnight to the garden rabbit. I hear from afar...see you tomorrow.
Can you tell, he's not the least bit bothered by my photo session.

My prayer for the day...that dearest and I can afford all these new best friends.




  1. Marty, the raccoon in the birdbath is PRICELESS!

  2. P.S. I meant to say the Inchie card was too cool, but I got sidetracked by the raccoon that totally stole the show! :)

  3. Yes, Nadine, my critters do plan to please...aren't they a hoot??


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