A Quilter's To-Do-List

I guess I've been in a non-productive bubble this week. Could blame it on my doctor appointments and medical testing...yes, everything tested okay. Sister's hospital stay...and yes, she's home and doing much better. My mind has been racing at such a fast pace this week, but my body hasn't caught up yet. Perhaps I can get both pieces/parts together soon.

Here's only a part of my quilter's want-to-do-list>>>

1. I want to purchase a bolt of white fabric. I never seem to have enough and want to use white in almost every project these days. It's on order...waiting on delivery...roadblock here.

2. I want to make pincushions - the design in my head makes use of white fabric...roadblock here.

3. I want to make stacked coin doll quilts...again, using white fabric as columns in between the stacked coins. Roadblock here.

4. I want to make inchies to put on..well, everything. Have lots of ideas for inchies in my head, but my body hasn't caught up to my head yet.

5. Ordered fabric from JCaroline Creative and it was received this week. So, I want to make more purses. Pattern misplaced...where did I hide it??? Hopefully I'll find it in this lifetime. Self-imposed roadblock here.

6. I want to make stamps - need dearest's help here. OK, ok, he just helped...I now have a piece of lumber cut 3" x 7". And it's all sanded down so it won't scratch my hands. Isn't he the dear. (insert here...he just walked in with 3 more blocks. Oh my) Clearly, I cannot continue to blame lack of doing this project on a roadblock. So, since it's back in my ballpark, I'll blame it on the detached head to body. I will pass on this great idea from Imagine, Create, Inspire. Scroll down to April 7....but scroll slowly, you'll enjoy the journey. Fannie is one talented artist. Her head obviously never detaches!

7. And I want to join in the stitch in dye Mini-Monday quilt challenge. This challenge will probably be the nudge to help me break out of my non-productive bubble.


For now, I'm going outside to pull weeds. Perhaps we can muse more later and I'll picture my body attached to my head, or at least a completed project (which means that finally my body is attached to my head.)


  1. Marty, what are "inchies" (point #4 in your list)? Inquiring minds want to know!


  2. Hey, watch out with number 4 on your list there. Inchies are addicting little things...kind of like potato chips, you can't do just one! :)

    Just found your blog--I love your writing style, and the fact that your a cat person is just icing on the cake.I'm looking forward to reading more!

  3. Thanks Nadine....I hope I don't disappoint. And, you are right about the devilish little inchies. They do get under your skin, don't they...

    And Kat, thank you for asking....they literally are little quilts...1" x 1" I love using them on note cards, ACEO's, etc.
    I'll post a picture of a card I made so you can see how neat they are.

  4. I love my bolt of white fabric, best purchase ever! I am always using it! I also have a bolt of pale pink flannel that gets used constantly!

  5. Oh, Aunt Spicy, pale pink flannel....what a novel idea! I absoultely use only fabric in my stash!! so if I had it, I know I would use it too.


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