Another Free Project - Hurry

I need a new project like I need a root canal. But who can resist Twiddle Tails Pinwheel Block Party? I can't - for sure. For the next 12 weeks, we'll get free blocks and instructions to complete this little beauty. Hurry on over to get the FREE block pattern.

Oh, my and now the second block is ready to be printed or downloaded!

I'm already behind on my newest project!

Here's my first Twiddle Tails BOM project - in aqua and orange fabrics with lots of white background. Paper piecing...I love the accuracy one can achieve in piecing little bits of fabric into a whole.

"Can't see the Forest for the Geese." As always, I make quilts much better than I take pictures! But if you click the pictures, you can still get a semi-good look.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the geese quilt!!

    I know what you mean about a new project... I am SOOO tempted to join you in this pinwheel quilt... It is a real cutey! But I have a gazillion others ready to be started (and finished! HAHA!)

  2. Thanks Kat...was fun to make (and even more fun to be finished)! I was a glutton for punishment and made one extra row to get more length!

  3. I admire your ability to create theses perfect pieces. I am unable to do it, or don't have the patience to...but appreciate the outcomes of others like yours.


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