Quote from Lady Bird Johnson

Loved this picture I found today from Flickr friend "Playingwithbrushes"....the best free textures.

This old lace dress,

combined with this park bench under the flowering tree.....
and topped off with this burned paper texture....
gave me this result. I did all that to use Lady Bird Johnson's quote "Where flowers bloom, so does hope." I totally agree!

As "they" say, it's five o'clock somewhere! And while it may not be the warm spring season all around the world, it is here in Louisiana. I'm loving it!


  1. Are you making all these beauties just using Photoshop elements? Wow!!! I have that program. I should go play with it a bit.

  2. Yes, Lynn...that's it. I've had it installed for two years and am just now learning. Still so many things I have never tried. Perhaps I'll branch out soon.

    Just go for it!


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