Musings and Spring

While I was sewing away on my mystery quilt, I was puzzling through life's puzzles. I've come to the conclusion that, while I don't like to be spit on when in conversation with another, people who speak with a very dry mouth are boring conversationist. I go into zzzzzz in short fashion.

I've told you before about a local commercial where very dry mouth guy talks about his experience with a local flooring company. In short order (presumably) his wife gets a word in to tell us that her bathroom is her favorite room in her house. (I've already expressed to you how much I thought she needed a sewing room, so I won't go there again.) But anyway, I was so happy that she interrupted his end of the conversation (before I nodded off) that I actually listened to what she had to say even though I thought she needed to expand her horizons a bit and get out of her bathroom!!

Well, this morning, I had two more dry mouth experiences....another commercial that was made locally and airs locally. At least I hope it only airs locally! A husband and wife law firm. Her dry mouth drone voice is actually more dry mouth and drone that her husband's. If these two are in the same courtroom at the same time, I can see the judge getting in a very long nap. And, Lord help their children get some spittle into their little mouths before they break into commercialdom!

Just in case I've been puzzling over life's puzzles too long, I decided to get outside and take pictures of spring to clear my head. What a beautiful day we've had!

We have an abundance of wild violets that come up everywhere! They would rule the back garden (along with my mint) if I didn't do some strenuous weeding. Guess I missed this little cluster and aren't they delightful.

The bumblebees are already stocking up on nectar in this old plum tree. I try to steer clear of their path. They do gather with a zest! Fun to watch bee activity.

And, this bird nest is a reminder of someone's happy home in years past! But I'm sure the mockingbirds will find this Japanese Magnolia again this year!

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