Mystery Quilt Being Solved

My quilting group has a project or two every year - one of which is usually a mystery quilt. The hardest part of this mystery is fabric selection. It's almost like closing your eyes and making an intelligent choice!! My fabric choices are much more tame than my usual, but I'm loving the monochromatic feel this one is going to have. This will allow me to add a touch of spice in the border.

The keeper of the secret of the mystery quilt has been doling out instructions for the past few months on how to cut and sew to eventually solve the mystery. We finally got the final link at our March meeting. And here is the block. I love it. The sashing (not yet attached) adds more intrigue to this quilt. I'll post as I go.

I've been busy....I counted them this morning. I now have 18 of 42 blocks completed. Gotta go and sew!

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