Low Country Housing

This is so reminiscent of the old houses that once were seen on every large cotton farm here in Louisiana and across the south. My grandparents house was very similar, except it was just one of two houses that sat on the 80 acre tract that Grandpa had acquired in the early 1900's. The house was raised like these. They lived on Bayou Macon, but more of a flood threat then was the Mississippi River - this was way before levees were built.

Their front and back porch was much larger than these and they were screened! A class act - their house - it was filled with love and all of us kids loved to visit. Well, we actually wanted to stay forever!

The remodel took place in the late 1950's and while it was hugely more comfortable, it certainly lacked in personality!


  1. Lovely memories. Would have loved to have sat and rocked on that porch of which you speak...not to mention perhaps lemonade after running in the hot summer sun.

  2. Memories...yes. and lots of lemonade. As children, we thought the beverage choices were water, lemonade, or kool(aid)!


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