Yesterday was just another day

A fellow I once worked with passed away a couple of days ago. Reading about the death of someone I know is never easy. HuMAN got to the obituary section before I did, so he was reading to me.

The conversation went something like this -

he said "Forrest Harvey passed away"

i said "Who?"

he said "Forrest Harvey passed away"

i said "I thought Paul Harvey passed away several years ago"

he said "Come in here and read my lips....Forrest Harvey - dumb dumb - not Paul Harvey. Forrest Harvey passed away."

Yesterday was my birthday. My hearing is better today. Or, did huMAN mumble a little louder this morning!

Please don't misunderstand....I am not making light of the death of someone I knew, just passing on the seriousness of humor in the Mason household in our "golden" years!

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  1. Makes Life more interesting as time goes on.


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