A day in the garden

Taking upcycling to a new level....in it's former life, this was a book rack. I like it's new life better. Inverted and hung on the garden shed, it's the perfect storage space for my little clay pots.

Several years ago, I thought I needed a lot of small pots....boy did I ever make a wrong spending choice. Way too hot in the deep south....watering twice a day was not my cup of tea! But don't they make a great statement just hanging out on the garden shed.

Oh, and the little ladders are for the mice to climb and play on after dark. I aim to please all the night creatures!

And, then there is an old garden chair. It's so rusted out, I had to place it in a flower bed to keep visiting folks safe. Even though it has holes in it's bottom, it was too tempting to pass by. Many visitors just wanted to have a seat and watch my garden grow. So....I had to move it off the beaten path. I now use it to hold an in-season flower-filled pot.

Alliums in the garden - Before

And after Photoshop play.

I learned about a new tool in Photoshop today. Truth is, I didn't know how to spell allium....I only had one "l" originally. By the time I decided to do the smart thing and check the trusty dictionary, I had already flattened and saved my altered picture. Determined to find a cure for my mistake, I first tried the paint, brush, eraser, clone stamp and more tools. They were no help (or more likely, I wasn't using them correctly). Then discovered a blur tool....Wow, I just blurred the misspelled word and typed it in correctly and voila....if I hadn't told you, you never would have known.

Now, my intrigue is up....what more can I do with the blur tool...I'm on a mission!


  1. Being a gardener and a quilter, I feel stacks of terra cotta pots are as addictive as stacks of fat 1/4's - you can't have just one! Love your photo and the tiny ladders are a hoot! Your mice will really appreciate making their climb easier.
    Thanks so much for sharing - have a good weekend.

  2. Very cool blurring! Fun!
    Love the first photo too of all the pots.

  3. Your photo of all your little pots is so artistic and inviting! The ladders are a great touch. And thanks for sharing about the blur tool. Lots of great stuff to keep learning about with Photoshop!


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