What a difference a day makes!

The days have been warm and almost balmy for the past week....we spoiled ourselves and stayed outdoors for hours each day enjoying the sunshine. Nothing like natural vitamin D - the real D+. We're not the only ones basking in the sunshine - the mocking bird had a sweet bath then air dried into a nice fluff.

And the flowering crab apple blooms burst open and warmed my heart.

But baby, it's cold outside! Woke up to temps in the 30's this morning. Not a problem - I'll just make more bloomin' flowers! Little quilties are just the cat's meow.....


  1. The same thing is going on here.. nice days to be outside all day... After being couped up all winter.
    Havent seen birds bathing yet, but the buds are popping out and the plum trees have bloomed. but today its cold & rainy again. oh well it was a nice prelude to summer dreams. :)

  2. hello birdie--what great photos


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