Busy....just plain busy

And it's hot....just plain hot!!!!! But my newest knitted scarf is ready and waiting.

I read several weeks ago that if you drop (one drops) 100 calories a day, you lose (one loses) a pound in a month's time. Okay....let's see (figured I). That means if I give up my glass of wine each evening, that must surely be at least, or more than, 100 calories. So I gave up my wine....cold turkey. Hey, that sounds good, a cold turkey on such a hot day. But, back to my weight loss, or not.

Just yesterday, my month and one day had passed, as I ate my pimento cheese sandwich and chips, I told my lunch friends what I was doing....yet, I could not see a loss. They were quick to tell me that even though I gave up my wine, I couldn't pick up the calories in other areas (tsk...they whispered, as in pimento cheese or chips). I ignored their snide remarks and continued enjoying my lunch.

But, lol, this morning, I stripped down to naked and onto the scales I landed. Am I seeing this correctly. Yes, I am - exactly one pound less than yesterday. It works....it works....it works! I hope those blasted scales aren't lying.


  1. Lovely scarf, even in the summer.

    How many calories can one burn by knitting?

  2. Sorry Kim.....not enough - however, the article I read did suggest that when we sit, then act childlike...that is, wiggle and squirm. When we aren't still, we burn more calories. So, knitting does count after all!

  3. Love that scarf, Marty! Wish I knew how to knit but not sure I dare start another project!!LOL
    Donna in NE La.

  4. Gorgeous scarf, Marty. A friend gave me a bunch of yarn recently, but I just can't make myself knit in this heat! Good for you with your self-control and losing a pound! Keep up the good work.

  5. You tickle the tar outta me, Marty! Maybe we need to know how much we can loose by increasing our replies to blog posts ... chuckle!

    Good for you ...

    Have a beautiful summer's eve ~
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  6. Oops! That scarf is lovely.


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