Sawtooth Cat hysteria.....

What has caused all this cat hysteria? Quilt Inspiration is having a field day with "Best of Cat Quilts." Part 1 and Part 2 has already been published - Part 3 is coming up Friday. Can't wait. So, seeing all these inspiring cat quilts prompted me to take a look at some cat-themed quilts I have made in the past. This Sawtooth Cat pattern is a Janet Miller design. Not only does the border have the paper-pieced sawtooth pattern, but each cat's back is sawtooth as are their tails. Now this is a lot of cat love and this quilt is available here.


  1. I absolutely am mesmerized by the swirl of these tales.

    The best cat quilt I've laid my eyes on.


  2. I love how you set it up and it grew before my very eyes! You rock!

  3. I absolutely LOVE this pattern. I bought it about 10 years and keep telling myself that it will be my next quilt project. Someday I will get there! Yours is lovely!!

  4. This is the prettiest Sawtooth Cats we've seen. Your selection of colors is great (as always). It's a classic!


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