I saw it here.....

I don't know how they do it....but the Design Sponge team can really get the goods! This little powder room has a WOW factor! It's in the London home of Sarah and Henrik.

Take a sneak peek of the best gallery walls here.

In my first post of the day, I was bemoaning my fate at having too much stuff in such a little space. I was actually thinking of downsizing in that space! What was I thinking? I love all these gallery walls the Design Sponge has entrusted us with. Thanks for helping me get my head back on straight.....now I can continue sewing.


  1. Marty, Marty,.... we are going to have to start censuring your posts. Check out the nude painting on the right side of the wall. Wish mine were still that perky!


  2. Oh, my, Kat....I totally missed that! I was too busy looking at the size of the bathroom....not the other stuff 'cause mine (bathrooms) are so small.

  3. My goodness! How cool! So much to do in there while "doo-ing!"

  4. Thanks for the post. I am a collector of most things and always fill my spaces!


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