Unchained Melody, Unchain My Heart, Chain of Fools, Working On A Chain Gang, Locked Up In Chains, etc.

all that from this one wonder I haven't gotten anything done today! But I found this great extreme grunge texture from Kim Klassen today and really, really needed to use it. I'm enjoying taking a totally nothing picture to a higher level!

ya know i'm always telling you to click the picture to see it's best side, well, no need to do that here....i think you can see the dirt w/o enlarging.

I haven't a clue why I took this picture of the copper pot/pan holder. We were taking it down so I suppose I thought I could sell it. Well, I don't think so with all that greasy dust on it! Anyway, it was one of those pictures that you can't ruin, so may as well play around with get the picture, don't you?


  1. Your playing around paid off, the resulting image is just great!

  2. i never would have guesses that is what that was...

  3. Isn't it surprising when we grab just a little piece of a photo! Like in some quilts....the whole thing is awful, but one little corner is worth keeping!

  4. Yes, the image is really cool.

    I have always admired those pot/pan holders, but have hated the thought of cleaning them. You have reinforced my fears! I'll keep my pots and pans in drawers and cabinets. ;)



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