I could keep this black eyed susan just the way it is or I could give myself some choices....Choices....I choose choices.....

While I love this little bottle I often use when I have just a single flower stem, I like lots and lots of bottles.

I snapped this picture of bottles that were retrieved from the Missouri river and are now in a museum in Kansas City.

Choices often includes simplifying and eliminating !!! More on that topic later.....

or changing colors

or taking out the color

or adding color intensity. All these bottles just merged beautifully into one pretty picture.

Yes, I went around Laura's house to say this. Here is my living room....seldom used, but HuMAn and I like to catch up with ourselves in here at the end of each day when it's too hot for us to enjoy the screened in back porch. I love this room but this picture makes it look so cluttered. Granted, I like my stuff, but is it too much? Oh, I do paint outside the color box....but are there too many color choices in here. I see yellow and red and green, blue and more (black and white). What's a girl to do? Thank goodness for choices. For today, I'll just leave it as is and ponder the possibilities.

OR, I could begin by eliminating the black and white.....okay, cats....just kidding. At which point they say, "love is never hearing 'just kidding'."


  1. Your place looks very calm compared to mine. Between what the family wants left in this house, and what WE added to the mix, my style is for sure "eclectic"... a mix of everything (color and texture wise) and then some. Therefore, I offer no advice on your decorating dilemma! But have a wonderful time exploring the possibilities!


  2. Well done with the photos, Marty. And as for you room - keep what you love and get rid of anything you don't


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