A new look in my closet

Oh my....in my haste to be busy, I forgot to show you the fab purchases I made while in Dallas a few weeks ago.

I first found this little green quilted purse with extra long strap. Plenty of room for everything I carry with me...like ID money credit card lip gloss phone anything else I need. It just grows and grows to fill my needs! Quilted, you say...why would a quilter and purse maker buy a purse? Simply - it was only $12. A true mark down that I couldn't resist snatching up. The strap alone was worth that much!

Next came the shoes. No, I know they don't match the purse but these $90 shoes were marked down to $30. In addition, they were a perfect fit. I love the Van Eli look..... And it really looked good with this sweater. No bargain here, but it was a must have, so I now have it!

I'm now looking for some gray or black slacks to complete the ensemble.

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  1. Nothing like a bargain. It seems to me that stores are giving away summer merch right now. I just got white lace-up-the-leg capris for $5. I won't feel too bad when the day comes that I dump spaghetti in my lap.


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