Cleaned and guess what I found?

No, it wasn't these money wrappers, nor the selvage pot holder and certainly not the $5 bill......

I cleaned out the storage bin where I keep all my selvages (you know the ones that will be put into something someday???) AND, I found a crochet doily. And I found my bag of fancy feathers that I've been trying to find for a year. I know it's been a year 'cause my niece's birthday is in September and I needed the feathers to make her something last year for her birthday! And, I found my binding for hooked rugs. Yes, all that in with all those selvages. I should clean more often! No wonder I don't sleep well at night!

Now, back to the pictures....I've never made a selvage item, well, except for now. Thought I would start out in the pot holder. I like it!

I've been wanting to try to make this money wrapper. Myrtle and Eunice made the tutorial available and I downloaded the instructions. Glad I did - these will make great little Christmas money or gift card wrappers for those hard to please folks in my family. I'll make them in Christmas fabric - of course!


  1. Hey, Marty, thanks for stopping by. Boy, do I love these two projects of yours ! !
    The money wrappers a way cool. Might have to download that one !

    Selvages - I never really save them since most of my purchases of fabric consists of fat quarters. BUT since I've seen so many blogs with selvage projects I began cutting some edges of my own.

    Your potholder idea is just the thing - I can make a selvage project with the very few I've just saved.


  2. After seeing your potholder I had been thinking about it.
    I really doesn't take that much fabric [selvage edges in this case] I like that. Hmmm . . . .

  3. I love the edges with the words. Try to use them in my art too.
    Cute pot holder. Nice money/card holder too. I got some leather scraps from the thrift store...thinking/????

    You did good.


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