Are they Greeting Cards or Note Cards??

Well, yes, I continue to be a quilter....BUT every now and then it's fun to branch off. Keeps boredom down to its lowest level and confuses dearest to his highest level.

I heard a mumble mumble..that's paint! And, he was right. Here are my latest little note cards, or are they greeting cards??

I'm learning almost daily how fun it is to let go of perfection and be more trusting of my creative spirit. It is genuine satisfaction.


  1. I love the cards. You're giving me ideas on making my one (I usually make my own for greeting cards but that has been a long time ago).

  2. Good morning, dear friend! Those cards are absolutely wonderful, and I think they would be considered note cards if they have no "sentiment" printed on the inside. If they do, then they would be "greeting cards". That's just my take on it all... either way, they are BEAUTIFUL and anyone should feel privileged to get one! Keep up the very creative work of keeping "Dearest" confused as to exactly what you are up to.


  3. Thanks you guys. These were fun and quick. Hardest part was letting the water color paper dry so I could make my flower..

    Zarina, you must get back into card making.

    And Kathy, that makes sense...these must be note cards since they are blank inside.


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