Recycle and Organize

Not only was it Mini Quilt Monday....but, I went to Hobby Lobby for just a few things yesterday. I needed more fusible to continue making purses...some paint to start a new project, an eraser - we'll see why later - and on and on and on. When I got home and started unpacking and storing my purchases - it just hit me (again). I'm out of space!! Dearest and I have talked before about adding on to our little castle to accommodate my need for more space. Again, quickly nixed that idea. Two really, really good reasons...investment portfolio has done some MAJOR shrinking this past year AND we do not want to be bothered by contractors in and out for months on end. Yea, OK, great, the market was up yesterday, but we're not back to having a little breathing space. If the pace keeps up, we might be looking at a 2011 recovery. We continue to be hopeful on that point.

Anyway...back to needed space. Since we aren't going to add floor space, I have to rethink the use of shelf space. Remember I posted the other day what Pink & Polka Dot had done with recycled posting mailing boxes. Time for me to get more organization around my Park Avenue sweat shop. Here's my first altered and covered box used here to prop up a lot of clutter.

Can't stop here...on a roll now

Almost there...


With just a little fabric and a lot of hot glue, such a neat organization trick. I'll continue to rethink and recycle...but today I go to Tuesday Bee's for fun and fellowship and a lot of sewing.

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