Short and To The Point

Yes, short and to the point...that's what this one will be. Dearest is grilling pork chops and I've already made the salad - it's chilling. We like to put salad plates in the freezer so the salad will stay chilled and fresh as we dine. Not real healthy for the china....but it's the everyday stuff anyway. Gotta give a little to get a lot.

Anyway, short and too the point...I say...I still have to make the garlic cheese grits casserole. Not gonna lose any weight today. I'll start first thing in the morning. From midnight plus 1 until around 6 a.m. I promise not to eat a bite!!

Went to mini quilt group today....did a lot of discussing and cussin' done. And in between all that, almost got some quilt binding stitched down.

But the real purpose of this hurry blog is to show you my newest project. Do you remember the other day, I asked Dearest to cut me some little pieces of wood. Don't remember, well, here they are.

I needed these to make my own stamps....not only are the store bought ones so very expensive, but I just can't find the free style ones I thought I might enjoy using. So, I am making my own. These two are just the beginning. And you can see they've already been used. The foam was originally white!! - Wow, now it's green and yellow and even red.
I originally thought of this one as simply "bars" but now I can clearly see that it's a picket fence.

And of course, this is nothing more than tall grass.

And here is a sampling of the note cards made from these stamps. This is front and back of "grass" with yellow daisies frolicking in and around.

And here is the picket fence...with a yellow buttercup just getting a fresh peek at Spring.

Now, I'm outta here. Enjoy your evening and be sure to cut the carbs for me!



  1. Feedsack Fantasy5/26/2009 6:41 PM

    Good night, Gertie! This is wonderful ... love it! You simply just amaze me ...

    Enjoy those pork chops, tomorrow is our pc day.

    TTFN ~ Marydon

  2. What a dandy idea esp when you involve the kids to make own cards. Now need to find sources for the small pieces of wood.

  3. Thanks you guys, what wonderful compliments you dish out. I wish I could find sources for my far, no go, but I'm not giving up!!

  4. Do you use the sticky back foam or do you glue foam to the wood? If you glue, what glue do you use? Are these stamps washable? I tried using sticky foam & sticking it to foamboard, but of course, that can't be washed & after a while the foam becomes to rough from various coats of paint.

    Really like that grass stamp. I am into less complicated stamps & use them constantly in my work. I'm always looking for a better way, though.

  5. Kim, I am just delighted that you stop by my blog...your work is so smashing.

    I use the 1/8" thick sticky back foam - brand name I now have is "Funky" Foam - comes in 9" x 12" sheets. So easy to cut out the design with scissors and peel the paper and stick on. And, so inexpensive.

    So far, no problems. I don't wash, just rub excess paint with paper towel and it's ready for use immediately. We'll have to see how they age? Hopefully as well as I have (tongue in cheek)!!


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