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I've expanded my "Where I Love To Shop" list over there on my sideboard. Susanne (not Suzanne) pronounced Soosanne (not Soosahnnn) very southern (not French) just really went overboard last night in giving us some www. places where she shops. I visited some of those www's this morning. Needless to say I drug out the old credit card and did some shopping for myself...OK...some quilter friends too! Here's one of my favorites - Paul's Metal Petals. If you use the large cones of thread in your quilting, these little coneflower cone thread holders are a must have. Holds the large thread cone and bobbins as well. Just the cat's meow!

My mouth is really watering after seeing what delectables Superior Threads provides for us to nibble. I've had to use a major amount of restraint - Ricky Tims' Razzle Dazzle bobbin thread, King Tut quilting and piecing thread, and Bottom Line applique and bobbin thread - all in one place.

I'm doing some serious drooling now over this .com - take a look at what SewEzi has to offer for us quilters who haul our sewing machines to quilting bees, workshops, classes, retreats, VACATIONS... On rollers even!

I have seen these portable set-ups in action and they are the best at providing a flat sewing surface when away from home sewing base. And, they are made to accommodate an unbelievable line of sewing machines.

Okay, now I've made purchases to cover me through Mother's Day, Father's Day, my birthday, his birthday, our anniversary!!! Card is beginning to max out - guess I'll have to wait on Christmas - what a bummer.

TaDa for now - I've got to go find a handkerchief...Still no pictures. Dear me - I am failing miserably.


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