Note Cards

It's been a kind of usual Sunday. Rained most of the night and well into the morning. So - just decided to make my own sunshine - sunflower note cards - that is.
I got the Adobe Photoshop 7 installed a few months back, but have not yet mastered even the "easiest" of tasks. I love how those snobs in photoshop world throw the words easy and elemental and basic around. I'm a dummy...don't rub it in!! There is actually books out there called "Photoshop for Dummies", but I refuse to pay 40 something bucks for it. Dearest was in the library yesterday and says he saw a book from afar that he thinks had the words "digital photography" on the cover. Is there hope for me yet?

But, I did play around with a photo of my sunflower quilt today and learned just a little bit about changing image to black and white, then added color variations. Oh and them. So, here are some note cards I now have ready to go.

This is a combination of three views, using different sizes of the same picture, layered together.

I love the lime and red backgrounds on these three. Sure hope I saved this shot so I can produce more like this 'cause I'm positively and absolutely sure that I can never come up with this color play again!!

Another view - with two very different colorways. I'm really liking the peach and yellow and sage green combination. But then the traditional sunflower colorway isn't bad either...

But, here is my personal favorite. This one was really a mistake. Unbeknownst to me, my picture was too large for the space I told the printer it had. So, not to be outdone, the printer did what had to be done and snipped off what there was no room for. So, there is just a wee bit of a sunflower peeking out into the red background. I threw it in the trash at first glance. Then I heard a noise back there behind me. Lo...out popped this little mistake, so on the cardstock it went. Just proves my personal belief that no mistakes can be made in the design process!

Does this make me right brained...left brained...or just brained! Don't even answer that one. Finally the sun came out so we went for an ice cream cone. Yummmm and a sunflower day or two to you.



  1. Feedsack Fantasy5/17/2009 7:39 PM

    You have a keen eye for color & placement ... I enjoy them.
    TTFN ~Marydon

  2. Good morning Marydon and thanks so much for your generous compliment. Put sunflowers in your day.

  3. That is so fun!

    Makes me want to go play around with the printer and some cards.

    Have a fun day!

  4. Hi Marty, I,m cottonreel I like your quilts but I love your notecards even more .
    I,m a patchwork quilter of many years but I have been looking for a change of hobby , would you mind putting more or a book that would explain how to do note cards ,e,g thckness of card etc ,
    I have joined you as a follower


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