Purses and More Fun

I had way too much fun yesterday. Much pruning done in the yard. I am amazed at how fast shrubs can grow once the days begin to warm. Keeping on top of it is a challenge, especially when I really wanted to be making purses.

I did stop to smell the roses, er ah Amaryllis

and enjoy my little friend having breakfast...well, perhaps lunch. Time gets away from me when I'm having fun!

Oh, and 'bout the time I was slowing down, along came Jones...slow moving Jones. I was barely able to keep his pace.
But, after shower, after lunch...got my second wind... and tried so hard to follow the aforementioned pattern (in another post). I'm just no good at following instructions...(dearest says 'amen' to that)...so, I took what I understood and ad-libbed the rest. Tested the waters with a clutch instead of shoulder or arm straps. And I already love my little prototype (as Norm would say). I had this Koi fish fabric on hand, so decided to use it before I cut into my newly acquired spring fabric. It's the perfect size - 10" deep, 12" across the top, tapering down to 15".

Added tab with magnetic snap closure.

Gotta get going, now that I (think I) know what I'm doing!

Hugs and happy Friday



  1. Love your little purse, Marty!

  2. Thanks, Donna...I'm in the middle of another. So quick, so easy, sew fun.


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