New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival


Our New Orleans Jazz Fest poster collection grew this week. We have been collecting since 1983 and now have 26 of these wonderful posters in our collection. Missed last year - didn't like it at all - and I'm still not sorry we passed it by. As far as wall space is concerned, we treat it as if it's an art gallery. The poster series began in 1975 and I would dearly love to get my hands on the first eight. Dream on...

Anyway, here are a few that are showcased throughout the house. Starting in the living room,some of Michalopoulos'posters are showcased.
Here's Mahalia
And Louie
Arranged around my antique, you are right, it doesn't surround a fireplace! We have thought about adding one, but then we think of the two Louisiana winter days that we would enjoy it and nix the idea. So, we just enjoy the oak mantel.

And in the dining room, Dr. John presides...Since this is a living/dining combo, I had all the posters matted in the same red and they all have the gold metal frame.

And down the hall to a guest bedroom hangs Fats Domino...also a Michalopoulos screen print. He's good. This bedroom is painted a raspberry color. The curtains are a chartreuse print and accessories are predominately blue. This poster was just the icing on this bedroom cake.

I'll stop at this second guest bedroom is where all three Rodrique Blue Dog posters hang. Never was really the blue dog fan, but believe it or not, this trio has the most value. So, they are hung with pride.

Louie Armstrong and Pete Fountain
And, of course, Al Hirt

In 1984, the images were split. Very ingenious...I thought. I've seen these framed together which makes a very, very vertical presentation. But having each poster framed separately allowed them to be hung over each twin bed. Very ingenious of me...I thought! This bedroom is currently in it's summer blues. The winter curtains are green and the bed covers are apple red.

Hope you enjoyed the tour...



  1. Feedsack Fantasy5/27/2009 7:31 PM

    Love the tour, TY ... love New Orleans ... you resurfaced some beautiful memories for me. TY
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  2. We love New Orleans too...the city's assests by far outweigh the tough stuff. A beautiful city, unique culture. Glad you took a peek. TTFN back to you...and have a great day.


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