Mmmmmm....Mini Quilt Monday and More

Good morning's Mini Quilt Monday. And here's the little mini I finished for today.

This paper pieced "Log Cabin" measures not quite 12" by not quite 18". If I could sew a perfect 1/4", it would measure 12"x18" you see because I pieced two 6" squares across and three down. Now, go do the math!!

Anyway, lots of fun to use up itty bitty scraps. My heart will just not let me discard even the most munchkin of a scrap. So when Malka issued this mini quilt challenge a few weeks ago, I knew I had the STUFF to do it.

I truly do love working in mini - here is a sampling of my ACEO'S (artist's creations editions originals). ACEO's always measure 2.5" x 3.5".

"Log Cabin Revisited" - this is #1 in a limited edition series of 19. Each one is numbered and signed on back by the artist (that would be me). Like in the traditional log cabin quilt block, an array of fabric is used - just stitched down in an abstract fashion.

And, here's another one - "Country Roads" #1 of LE 7. As a child, I remember motoring first on asphalt covered US Hwy 80 East, then a gravel Madison Parish road South, and finally a private dirt road West to Grandma and Grandpa's house. And in those days right-of-way mowing machines weren't as prevalent, so we got to see lots and lots of wild flowers along the way. Such beauty to a child. We kids would beg Daddy to stop the car so we could pick some...but it never happened. I've often wondered if I had been a parent if I would have denied my child a bouquet of wild flowers plucked from a roadside. I'll never have the answer to that one.

Then from my sewing machine came "Swim West Little Fish, Swim West". This is #1 of 8. It, too, is on the abstract side. But look closely and you can see his (perhaps her) pointy head swimming west. The gold paint air bubbles let's me know he/she is getting plenty of oxygen into it's gills! The explanation is for you...I can clearly see the fish under water.

Then we have "The Birds" - thread painted black birds on a high wire. A common enough explanation required, even to the novice art viewer! This one is #5 of 5.

And finally for the day, "Bird's Nest" #1 of 7. Wool roving forms the nest, Swarovski crystals made great eggs, and the twig was added by the mama bird to provide her soon-to-be family a secure home against the unknown elements they will have to face.

It must be a mini quilt Monday mood...Marty


  1. Hi Marty!
    Thanks for dropping by my blog, it was lovely to meet you! So I had to visit with you, I love your quilting, just beautiful. I also love your birds on a wire, done with threads. this is so minimalist, but just fantastic! How clever are you!
    Carole ;)

  2. Thanks Carole...just having fun with my sewing machine (on a slow day)...


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