A Fast Paced Weekend.....

"Sand Pebbles" an art quilt. (terrible picture...something I need to work on. SOON!)

Yes, I'm still here. The new year has started off being very, very busy. But, that's a good thing.

Had the usual black eye pea for luck on the 1st. I added cabbage and dearest added spinach for the green. We both could use a little more of it this year. I continue to be optimistic! Sewing and eating....that pretty much took care of Friday. Moving on to Saturday....

We drove over to Shreveport and picked up my new computer and my very own printer. Not that I mind sharing my toys with him (???) but this should help make both our lives a little more loving. It all started when I tried to add the Wacom graphic writing tablet to my old (I did say old) computer and learned that it was not compatible. Big decision, do I return my newest toy or do I upgrade to a newer one? Guess what rationale won out!

While there we visited Dearest's family cemetary and replaced faded flowers. Always a time to reflect on the lives gone before us, but, more importantly, what to do with the life we have. Then Sunday....

I've told you so many times that I get up early....I consider this my very own personal time. Dearest always sleeps in an hour or more. Well, now, I cannot say he always sleeps in. I can't say he bounced out, but he did get up with me. When I tried to push him back in bed, he mumbled that he couldn't sleep anyway...too much computer transfer stuff to do. It took all day! Don't ever believe it when a geek says nothing to it. There's is a lot to it and it isn't easy.

Most everything is done now except that I haven't been able to get my Flickr badge in an upright position. I'll work on that later today. But for now....this is my first post on my new computer. It was worth all the hard work.


  1. Hi Marty, this is a beautiful art quilt. Is that free motion quilting you did on a machine, or is it done on one of those large quilting machines? Congratulations on your new computer set up! Have fun.

  2. Hi Becca...thanks for checking in...I do my free motion quilting on my Bernina 440. No, I don't have room for one of those big numbers. It pays to have quilting friends who have the big ones though!!


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