Thread Painted Fabric Art Cards

Here's Molly............
Monday is just the best day of the week...well, that is next to Tuesday - Sunday!

I know it...I'm vain...can't help but do a double take when my work is highlighted on a creative friend's blog. Mr X Stitch just gave me the thrill of the day. "Molly" the latest in my series "Pretty Ladies in Smart Hats"
fabric art cards was featured. I love to free motion thread paint....never know the shape of the face or the size of the hat until I cut the thread and declare the "portrait" finished!

Here are a couple more of my favorite thread sketched beauties. Yes they are!
I call this one my "heritage contradicted" fabric art card. She's native American, but her name is Willie May.

And, my all time favorite.....Callie. I really don't know how I got the most serene look in her face and in the tilt of her head. Genius was at work that day!

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  1. congrats on your blog feature!! i'm loving your fabric card art ladies!!! :))

  2. I love this technique you are doing with thread painting. I must try a person. So well done. Bravo and bravo for being featured as well.

  3. Thank you Lori and Lynn. So much fun to see the personalities that come out of that sewing machine!


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