Thread Sketching Made Easy

"Hello, my name is Georgianna"...I am a thread sketched fabric art card!

"And I am Eunice Patricia"

Received current Quilting Arts Magazine yesterday and immediately jumped to page 46....thread sketching made easy. Boy, have I been mistaken! For the past several years,I have been stitching "Pretty Ladies In Smart Hats" into fabric art cards. But, I thought I was "thread painting." According to Susan Knapp, the terms thread painting and thread sketching are not interchangeable. Thread painting fills in the entire image with thread. While thread sketching (stitching) is the process of stitching an outline image. And that is what I normally do. I thread sketch. well, maybe I "thread paint" the lips! I am continuing in my process of Learning My Lessons Well. Thanks, Susan, for giving me the distinction between these two processes.

Quilting Arts Magazine....a must read for the art quilter or mixed media artist.


  1. That is an interesting distiction. I read the article and thought of your work. Did not SEE the distiction then. ;-) Yours are great. I tried it and it is NOT so easy! LOL

  2. Thanks, Lynn, just keep practicing!

  3. Hi Marty, I have this issue of Quilting Arts too and was interested in trying this. I like what you did with it. It will be new for me, so probably not that easy.

  4. But, Becca, you'll have a great time giving this a try. Trust me, it's fun AND addictive (like all good things in life).

  5. Sketching or Painting
    your gals are the greatest ! ! !
    Hmmm, names . . . . . must take as much time as the creating.


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