Memories and Manipulations

I mean to tell one and all.....I want a big shout out. Now, one two three....SHE DID IT, SHE DID IT. MARTY ALTERED A PHOTO IN PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS. Just took me six days to master this little tweeter, but isn't he or she just a little cutie!!

DJ Pettitt is to be commended. There are over 300 members in her online class and she hasn't murdered any of us YET! I'm still alive (I'm sure) because I live in Louisiana and she's in Oregon. Too far for a bullet to reach.

Some of my classmates are very advanced, but, thank goodness, I'm not the only beginner. I was beginning to think I was the biggest whiner in class, but today a couple of others stepped up to the whining plate. DJ just takes it all in stride. Not only is she talented, but also patient. Even if each of us asks one question a day, that's 300 questions she takes care of. But believe me she doesn't get off with just 300!

Now that I'm considering my progress, I WILL master the next exercise! That means I did a Danica Patrick...stamped my little foot and said I WILL! If you aren't an Indy Car follower....Danica has a bit of a temper. When she jumps out of her car and stamps her foot, that means the boys better move over. More to follow.

Are we having fun yet???


  1. WooHoo! Well done. As a group member who hasn't got this far yet, I'm impressed. If I ever get it, I'll put it on my blog and shout hooray!

  2. See? It'll all come to you!! :-)
    Just remember to!

  3. Carol...if I can get some of it, then I know you can too!

    And to "me again" thanks for your encourgement. You are right, the more I play, the easier it becomes!

  4. that's a pretty photo of a dark-eyed junco, very nice!

  5. Iknow just how you feel...Well done!
    Georgeous photo.

  6. yay, Yay, YAY!!!!! You did a fantastic job! Keep up the great work. Everyone keeps saying there is a steep learning curve with Photoshop. I think you just traversed the first huge hill!


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