A Free Commercial Break.....

I have truly not been a devoted blogger these past weeks. I do occasionally go in and see what you all have been doing though and you are not forgotten. I'm back briefly with my favorite TV commercial of the day, or month! Broadview Security (formerly Brinks, they told me in the commercial) has one or two or three running now. I know you've seen them!

Here's the one I saw this morning....woman and child or in the back garden playing. Big sneaky man is peaking through the fence at them. They go inside, she closes door (hopefully it locks itself 'cause she didn't lock it) and sets the alarm keypad. Then bam! big sneaky burly with hatred in eyes breaks the door down. Alarm sounds and big burly tiptoes off.

Phone rings...she says in her I'm-ready-for-a-long-conversation-voice "Hello". Broadview guy says in his I'm-ready-for-a-long-conversation-voice "I'm Bill and your alarm just went off. I'm just wondering if everything is okay?"

She.."No, someone just TRIED to break in."!!!!

Here's where I'm going with this...
If my door is laying on the floor, I don't think I would answer with a "hello". It would be more like a scream with panic built into it's tone. And I don't think someone just TRIED to break in...I think it would be more someone just BROKE in.
And I don't think if big mean snarly burly with hatred in his eyes is standing in my house an alarm would frighten him off!

Does this commercial give it's audience false security!

Complete instructions included....grab handle tightly, turn to flat side and start swinging. This may give you a defense until security guy quits chatting and calls 911 for you.

Now that I've relaxed my brain and given it more space, I'm going back to DJ's workshop to alter more photos. This has been a blast!


  1. LOL! Seriously, I wouldn't even be stopping to answer the phone - I'd be locking myself in another room! That's why you GET an alarm system, so they send the police when the alarm goes off.

  2. I know, Cindi....I'd sure be doing something to protect myself. I just think this is the most absurd commercial, so far from a real life reaction to harm!

  3. All of those security commercials bug the crap out of me!

  4. That is the scenario, business and residential. Alarm goes off. Phone rings. Do you know the code? No. Police on the way.

    It's prohibitively expensive to have false alarms. Your pocketbook would be glad they called while your city/county will miss out on the revenues from fining you.

    And, my cast iron skillet security system requires loading, maintenance and range time.

  5. I should keep the hubby's cast iron pan next to the bed (or the computer because that's where I usually am). However, he snuck in today when I wasn't expecting him. It would have been terrible if I had whacked him with his own pan.

    I have not seen the ad however. I try to record all shows and skip over the ads later.

  6. My first reaction to that ad was "and no one is throwing things at him?!"


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