"Learn Your Lessons Well"

We relieved our housekeeper of her duties last year. That means we fired her! Oh, she was dependable enough and she worked through every room, but more and more items were getting broken. I asked her to clean the oven one day and I was quick to learn that "she didn't do ovens." She had one of those see-thru canister vacs and she was constantly showing me the dirt extracted from my house. And the cat hair, oh my. She was always so proud of the amount of cat hair she collected. I was thinking to myself - that's a lot of cat hair. How much can one (or two) cats shed and still keep warm??

Well, much to my dismay, one day I realized that the fringe on my oriental rugs was getting shorter and shorter and shorter. I'm a little slow...the fringe was practically gone by the time it hit me that the collection of cat hair in her VC was my rug's fringe!!! We're small town here...there's no rug shop that replaces fringe. I guess I could forego some fabric purchases or online workshops or occasional stays in bed and breakfasts, to send these rugs to Dallas for repair. Well, on second thought, maybe not!

I made HuMAN do it....fire her.....I didn't have the heart. She really is a nice person - just a little to exuberant with her cleaning.

So, every now and then huMan decides that it's time to clean and the decision was made last night that this morning was the time. I haven't been to exercise in over a month. But, guess who went to exercise today! I thought a delay tactic was in order. Didn't work. It was so close to lunchtime by now...this diversion didn't work either. Madam cleaned house this afternoon.....all afternoon. Didn't break anything and picked up a minimal amount of cat hair. I guess it's winter, so not much shedding. Or, perhaps I forgot(?) to vacumn the sofa and chairs! I had altering photos on my mind!

And, I did have just enough time to layer and blend four pictures. My extracted garden angel was first blended with the mum. Then I added a stained concrete overlay. We have a stained concrete back patio. We were told in the workshop that layers and brushes could be made from anything. I took DJ at her word and bebopped outdoors to get pictures of my concrete patio floor. Now, back to my photoshop layers...on top of the concrete, I added an antique writing parchment. I was gonna add some writing but it's time to prepare his next meal so I'll (I hope) do that tomorrow.

I'm learning my lessons well...toodle.do.


  1. OMG! I know what you mean about that vacuuming ... the tales I could share with you. We fired our cleaner also, & occasionally have a gal come in, otherwise I do it myself now.

    Have a beautiful weekend.
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  2. My DH never thinks it's time to clean. I guess I should feel myself fortunate, or I'd have to go to exercise more often. LOL
    On the other hand I rarely tell myself to exercise or clean. You DON'T want to see how we live.

    So, are you doing all this in Photoshop Element or do you also have the more expensive Adobe Photoshop program??? Curious. I do like what you are doing with IT.

  3. Very nice job with the PS Marty. I haven't spent much time with it lately. Hoping to get back at it soon.
    Take care, Rebecca

  4. To Marydon...at least we do it our way!

    And Lynn...my little box says I'm working with Adobe Photoshop Elements 7. There are upgrades out there, but I'll just continue to ride this bull!

    And Becca, I'm sure it's waiting for you!


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