Marilyn Monroe and Photoshop

Marilyn Monroe, if not one of the most beautiful actresses ever, then certainly one of the most photogenic. HuMAN likes to be gifted a wall calender each year for Christmas. I like to alternate between Marilyn, Corvettes, Harley motorcycles, old cars, airplanes, etc and etc.....Every decade, I'll start the rotation again. I, on the other hand, prefer calendars that feature cats, dogs, porches, old barns, lighthouses....well, you get the picture.

So, here's the story behind these four pictures....I took snapshots of a Marilyn calendar that featured her in the movie "Seven Year Itch"....great movie if you can catch it sometime. I continue to love to watch that movie. But, back to my story...after the snapshots were taken, I printed the pictures on fabric to use in some future project...future not here yet! So after learning how to blend and mask and overlay in DJ's workshop, I decided I'd alter some of my Marilyn pictures. Not wonderful....not bad either. More practice and playing and definitely more time is needed to find just the right blends.

Have a great weekend. We've actually had two days without rain! Somebody help me....I'm beginning to dry out!


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  1. Marilyn Monroe must be in the air lately.
    Mim posted an award with Marilyn Monroe on it. The most glamours blog award. I took it and posted it to give it away and showed a photo of my mom who had her hair died blond and cut to look like Marilyns right after MM died. Some one else ran with MM too. Now I see this. I loved that movie too and a few others she did. Love these photos.


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