Designer statement on doors ~

what's on the door

what's on the towel rack

what's on the wall

what's on the shelf

what's on the toilet

what's in the sink!

Funny when a newspaper article can prompt a blog post!  I wasn't thinking of pleasing a designer a few years ago when I decided to silver and bronze leaf both sides of my powder room door. 

That was about the same time the stray cats found there way into our home (and hearts) and about the same time the litter box came into the bath and about the same time the master of the home decided his half of the half bath was too small for him so we could have have his half of the half bath!  Now it's mine and it's miniscule! and it's just around the corner from my sewing studio. 

I recently read that powder rooms are small, so just stop pretending they aren't.  It's okay to use dark colors (designer said) .  The wallpaper was already in place.  Taking the designer's cue, I went to work.....chose the tan color and painted  around the ceiling  molding.  After that dried, I masked a large square in the center of the ceiling and painted that area a burgandy/brown color from the wallpaper.  Hung the 1986 New Orleans Jazz Festival poster  on the wall and a quilt and vintage linens over the towel rack....and am humming a sweet tune about how much fun it is to live large! 


  1. It's fun to have a potty room with personality! ;)))

  2. looks like a cozy place to powder your nose! ;-)


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