Fish out of water!

Where you lead me, I will follow.....

The above picture first started out as a little community service quilt for a dear child (blogged here), but these little fish lead me on and on.  I was like a fish out of water playing around.  First step is to convert picture to black and white, then second step, is to brush over the object that is to be colorfilled! 

Two ways to B&W (that I know of) - in PSE, you can go to Enhance, then convert to black and white.  Another option is to use the Adjustment Layer - Gradient Map with solid color gradient.    Either way works beautifully.

As I've said before, community service doesn't have to be a matter of fact, taken to another level, it's down right fun! 


  1. Beautiful! I love the b&w and then the one colored fish. Love the saying too.


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