I digress and make progress!

It all started here! Then went here! And this morning while the sleeping beauty wasn't looking, I grabbed her mini palette, cut it up, sewed it together again, added a few Syvorski crystals and out popped my journal quilt #9!  My very own little spring CATcher.  Sorry, cat-that-has-no-palette-now!  I'll make you another one. 

I think they complete the vignette in the raspberry red guest bedroom....with chartreuse window curtains.  Now that's a cat's meow!


  1. What a fabulous guest space! When can I come?

  2. Oh, Vicki.....I would love to have a journal art quilt party at my house! I would invite you and you and you and you (I'm making a circle to include all my quilting friends.)

  3. I would love to be your guest. I may have to get you to help me decorate my guest bedrooms.


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