No Space - Leave The Place!

I know you can't read this - but it's saying something very important - so I'll paraphrase.....

You can tell the difference between a mirror and a two-way mirror by placing your finger on the mirror.  If there is a space between your finger tip and the tip in the mirror, then it is a mirror.  BUT, if your finger tip touches your finger tip, then it is a two-way mirror.

Two-way mirrors are a problem when they are viewing someone without their knowledge, i.e., hotel rooms,  public dressing rooms,  toilets or spas.  Just remember the slogan and do the finger test on mirrors - No Space - Leave The Place.  

Just thought you would want to know!


  1. That is so interesting. Thanks for this valuable information.

  2. Thanks for the rhyme - I have heard this before but know I never would remember which was which until the rhyme.


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