Just yesterday Autumn posted about things that happen that on first thought are mistakes and must be torn out and redone....but in reflection are best left alone.  I love her little thread knot flower....and love that she saw it and left it alone....and love that she posted it on her blog for me to see.   I call these serendipity moments! 

Here's my serendipity shot of the day.   This morning while unloading my pictures of my latest journal quilt, I noticed that the camera flash left the most delicious little heart in my framed apple girl cross stitch picture! 

.....of the matter
I had actually deleted this one from my photoshop album when my minds eye caught the heart.  I ran immediately to my trash folder and quickly went into retreival mode!  Whew...just in time.


  1. Yes, lovely. Sometimes we get surprises when we download our images, don't we. :)

  2. Wonderful...I love the hat!


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