Tag Galaxy

I found it again this morning - The Tag Galaxy.  Now, what to do with this link.....well, just go there, type in a tag that you use all the time on all your photos in Flickr and then you will see a world globe.....click on the globe and all your Flickr pictures will appear.  Did I tell you that I'm easily entertained! 

PS....that's why I always include my name in all my Flickr tags! I just typed in "Marty Mason" and all my pictures were attaching themselves to the globe right before my eyes. And I continue to marvel. And, since I like to include photos in my blog posts, here is one I found from last years online class with DJ Pettitt. Just learning about layers and brushes and textures and all that other good photoshop stuff. 'Nuff said - except have a happy day!

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  1. It's fun, isn't it to go back and see what we have published earlier. Nice image. :)


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