Note to self - stop "trying"

Now why would I want to stop trying?  Because,  trying is an adjective meaning to severely strain the powers of endurance!!!  I really don't want to be a trying-type person. 

So, what has prompted this conversation with self this morning - around this part of the country, we use trying as a verb, for example..... well, I'm trying (to do something).....what I really should be saying is that I tried (to do something) and failed....or was successful....or the outcome is unknown. 

Now, I'll clarify. 

I'm trying to get out of bed.....prompts the question - so....did you or didn't you get out of bed? 
Proper usage of the verb (not an adjective) I tried to get out of bed this morning...but couldn't walk.  Those leg cramps are trying my patience!

I'm trying to sew a straight seam.  Well???  Did I or didn't I???
I tried to sew a straight seam...with some success.  Sewing a straight seam is a very trying task, especially when I'm trying I try to hurry. 

I'm trying to lift a 100 pound box.   Oh, come on, don't make me ask!
I tried to to lift a 100 pound box....but found it was too heavy.  Not having a man around when I need his brawn is trying my strength to the max!

I then emptied the box and tried again....aah, so easy!

Trying (?) to ponder the incorrect usage of trying brings me to the conclusion that I use trying as a verb in an attempt  to make an excuse for my failure to do something! 

Question asked this morning - Did you complete your journal quilt for Three Creative Studios challenge?"

Answer - "Well, No, But....I'm trying."


  1. Thanks for the morning smile. Your point is well taken, though. "Trying" can be a bad word when it comes to kids or anyone for that matter. I remember someone who would walk into a room and ask, "What are you trying to do?" instead of "What are you doing?" That someone is no longer in my life. I surround myself with the most positive people I can find. ;)

  2. Cute post and certainly gave me something to ponder. We use "trying" in this part of the country too. I never thought about it in this manner. Thanks or the info and making me think.

  3. Where I'm from we say "I'm fixin' to" as in, "I'm fixin to post my journal quilt". I don't know why we are always fixing things!

  4. I hope your "trying" to create a journal quilt is successful! I try to make a point to see them. LOL!

  5. Thanks for making my day. I tried (is this correct) to clean house today, but only got the kitchen cleaned. Only 3/4's of the house to go. Rather be in the sewing room.

  6. When I was working with students in highschool "I tried to do my homework" was a common cry. It allowed them to be truthful. I am sure that for some of them getting home constituted having tried to do their homework! It is a very usable word. And exactly how far have you got with your journal quilt young lady?

  7. All true! I once knew a woman who was not allowed to use the word almost when growing up. It was like taking credit for something she had not done.


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